Investing with GSAN is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

GSAN is a C Corporation organization whose members must be accredited investors, as defined in Regulation D promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Please see information below to explore the expectations, requirements, and benefits of membership. Then, simply click the icons below to get started!



GSAN has a primary interest in technology-based businesses and through our partnership with eMYRge, will identify innovative companies with scalable business models that have the potential to disrupt existing markets or create new ones.

GSAN prefers to invest in companies that complement the Grand Strand regional economy and potentially look at opportunities as far west as Florence, SC, south to Georgetown, SC and north to Wilmington, NC 

Along with their financial capital, members also bring to the companies in which they invest a high level of human capital that translates into mentoring and operational assistance to help grow sustainable and successful businesses.


  • Access to vetted high growth technology and innovative companies that need investment capital.
  • Access to other like-minded accredited investors within the Network.
  • eMYRGe's invitation only annual Champion Membership plan.
  • Easy third-party application to manage all GSAN deal flow.
  • Members only quarterly newsletter on what is happening in GSAN: new members, upcoming events, success stories etc.
  • Access to GSAN’s secure deal room
  • Monthly meetings where selected entrepreneurs pitch their business opportunity. In addition, Members will participate in educational programs regarding angel investing with guest speakers.




  • GSAN will not take a carry % on any transaction that is closed by the Members.
  • As a member, we expect that you commit to investing at least $10,000 per year.
  • GSAN will expect members to participate on the screening committee so we can manage this critical process in an efficient manner.
  • GSAN will have a Board of Directors with a minimum of 3 Directors and a maximum of 5. The ED will look for interested Members to sit on the Board. Term will be 1 year.


 Act with Integrity

  • Be honest and transparent.
  • Protect sensitive information.
  • Disclose known conflicts of interest early and err on the side of caution.

Be Generous

  • Give back to the community with no specific expectation of return when possible.
  • Be responsive and respect other people’s time.
  • Appreciate the help of others who help our community.